A living range with its ear to the ground.

5 November 2020

We want to involve and listen to you as a padel player.

We have, by our own admission, released a fairly broad collectionfor both men and women but our roadmap is long, and there’s a lot going on. However, we are in no hurry as, like the sport of padel, we are here to stay. We continue to care about every detail (fitting, feeling, function and style).

The Padel Bag – our first padel bag is undergoing the final tests and adjustments before it goes into production in November. Delivery to our warehouse in Sweden will take place as early as December, provided nothing unexpected happens. We long.

We want to involve you. Do you ever wonder what’s missing from your padel wardrobe? Is there a favourite fit you never find in the shops? Do you have an awesome idea on what the padel world needs to see or something that would make your padel lifestyle easier? More fun? More stylish? Please do not hesitate to email your thoughts to rnd@humbleton.com, we promise to take all suggestions very seriously.

// Team Humbleton

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