Launch of e-commerce on

6 November 2020

We have finally launched v.1 of our e-commerce platform.

As a company, we have existed for over a year. We have created what is today Humbleton, The Padel Brand – a brand for padel players. We have also managed (dared?) to launch our e-commerce where you are now. Welcome to us!

It’s been a special time to launch a new brand. Limited travel to suppliers, suppliers closed, new recommendations from one week to the next. It has been educational but it has taken time, longer than planned to get here. On the other hand, we have learned a lot and strengthened important relationships with reputable factories with different expertise that together form a strong, fast and efficient production unit for Humbleton.

We certainly have some digital childhood diseases here on the site that we haven’t discovered ourselves yet, hope you have the oversight with this. If you come across something that doesn’t work, just drop an email to

We love padel. Yes, all of us (7 of us) who are involved and work with Humbleton in one way or another love padel. With the Humbleton brand, we want to add something, all the time. Finer fabrics, better features, better fits, higher quality – anything. All the time. With Humbleton, we want to create a more enjoyable padel lifestyle for you – and for us!

See you here and on the track!
Team Humbleton

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